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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If it is your first time, you might want to dig deeper and know everything. Here we have compiled a list of questions to offer you a clear understanding of the massages we offer. Keep scrolling to find answers as we have addressed all the questions and offered precise answers to clarify

We only use organic products during all our massages. Our therapists believe in the power of healing, and we offer our clients an enhanced experience by keeping safety in mind without using chemical products.

Usually, individuals report feeling sore after a Swedish massage and are concerned about their health. But it is normal to feel after the massage. Massage stimulates muscles that you may not use often. Further, this can make you experience onset muscle soreness. Moreover, it can be said that it is a physical response to inflammation as your body heals.

Once you are done with the massage, our therapist will guide you through the do and don’ts after the massage. You must follow instructions, or you might start to feel pain, fatigue, and dizziness a couple of hours after the massage. Also, consuming water after the massage helps the body flush out accumulated materials released during the massage.

Of course, you can! Also, our massage therapist will always check in with you during the massage to ensure that the pressure is appropriate.
Some massage methods are quite gentle. However, don’t be afraid to speak out and tell your therapist if you’d prefer more or less pressure during your session. We won’t take it personally!

As mentioned earlier, our therapists use organic products during the massages. After scrubbing, your body becomes more receptive to products, which means it becomes more receptive to dirt. Therefore, you must moisturize your body post-scrub to act as a barrier and hydrating agent to protect your skin against impurities and dryness.

Our massage therapists are here to help you relax, and our therapy session can only be successful when our client is comfortable and enjoying the message. Therefore at any point during the massage session, if you feel uncomfortable or experience any type of pain, communicate with our massage therapist, and they will change their strategies and touch to make you feel better

All our massage therapists suggest moderate stretching after the massage session. Stretching will help you prolong all the effects of the massage. Moreover, you can continue doing exercises suggested by assigned therapists to experience long-lasting massages.

Booking an appointment with us is just a two-minute process. You simply need to follow the instructions one after another:

  • Visit our website. On the homepage, click on “Book A Massage.”
  • Now, select the services from the drop-down.
  • Block your calendar and choose a time slot as per your wish.
  • Fill in the ask details and click on “submit a request.”

Now, you’re good to go

Yes! We offer various massages, and you can choose from the combination we have listed on our website. Further, you can also select the duration and whatever fits best in your budget.

Some prefer to chat during their massage session, but it’s fine if you want to close your eyes and relax. Although, you’ll be able to make the most of it if you become quiet and relaxed. However, feel free to speak if you feel:
  • Discomfort.
  • You have questions, or you left something important out of the consultation.
  • Temperature issues.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best spa experience possible. If you have any additional questions, we have not addressed them here. We will be happy to help and hear from you! Feel free to leave your queries here!